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XBMC Security Camera ADD-ON

You can find the Security CAM Overlay add-on thread here on the XBMC forum.

So what’s new for me in Gotham and with this add-on? I wanted to add a second IP security camera, the add-on at the moment only allows you to add one IP camera, however you can do a little hack and modify some of the add-ons files to effectively make it in to two different add-ons or more. One instance of the add-on for each IP camera you wish to add in to XBMC.

Also I have customised my Aeon MQ5 skin and added a CAMS menu so I will throw up a few screen shots of that as well.

Creating the Security CAM Overlay add-on instances

OK here is how I got two IP cameras in to XBMC with the Security CAM Overlay add-on. First you need to download the latest version from this link and select Frodo or Gotham version. The downloaded file is called extract this in to a folder called script.securitycam. I am using Winrar.


Look inside the script.securitycam folder there is a file called addon.xml edit this in a text editor.


I ended up with two instance of the Security CAM Overlay add-on, one for my front garden CAM and one for my back garden CAM, so I called the first instance “Front Garden CAM”


Change the name of the add-on.  “Front Garden CAM”


Also change the add-on id= from script.securitycam to something else, I named it “script.frontgardencam”

save and close the file.


Now edit the file in the text editor


On this line: ADD_ON_ID =

Change the script.securitycam to the same thing as you named it in the addon.xml e.g. in my example its: script.frontgardencam


Save and close the edited file


Changing the add-ons icon image

If you plan to add the Security CAM Overlay add-on instances to a menu in XBMC, then I recommend you change the icon.png file to a screen grab of that particular IP camera.


Unless you want all your IP cameras to have this default icon ?



You should size your new icon.png file to 191×186


Now rename the folder script.securitycam to the same name e.g. script.frontgardencam



Now you need to ZIP up the script.frontgardencam folder into a zip file called

With Winrar installed I just right clicked the folder in Windows Explorer and from the menu I selected Add to Archive.

In Winrar I then selected ZIP rather than RAR and clicked OK.


I now have an add-on called that I can install in to XBMC.


I then repeated this whole process again to create a second instance of the Security CAM Overlay add-on called script.backgardencam


Installing the add-ons

XBMC Settings – Add-ons – Install From Zip File

Then browse to the folder where you put your two new zip files (hopefully some where your HTPC can access).

On this screen shot of XBMC you can see the two add-on instances I just created and I can select them from here to install them etc.

Once they are installed they will be listed in the Programs add-ons area of XBMC. You then configure the add-on as you normally would, entering the URL to your IP camera and user name and password, only you now need to do this in each instance of the Security CAMOverlay add-on for each IP camera etc.

Tip: For a Foscam camera I used this URL in the add-on settings and left the user name and password fields blank. The Foscam cameraimage loads faster if you do it this way.


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