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SAP Background jobs showing status READY not executing job

If you cannot delete this kind of JOB “READY status”

You have to go in SE16N table TBTCO find the job with the status Ready “Y” and edit the table to set Finished status “F”

1.    Go to transaction SE16N

2.    In the table name field enter TBTCO.

3.    Select the JOB that you’d like to modify and double click on it to access it
Display screen. Below you can see an image where the field that we want to change is highlighted.

4.    Write /h in the Command field and press return on your keyboard.

5.    Press return again to go into debug mode, select the variable with id “gd-code” and “gd-sapedit” and modify its value to be “X”.

6.    Press F8 to complete execution and modify the contents of the selected entry

7.    Edit value for the field STATUS from Ready “Y” to Finished “F” and click on Save.

You have successfully modified a field in a table .


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