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How to Install IceFilms Add-On Kodi XBMC.

IceFilms is an extremley popular plugin with Kodi / XBMC users. It is extremely easy to manually install it using the following steps.

You will also find a guide for changing the Icefilms URL. This could be useful if your ISP is blocking the site.

  • Download the Eldorado Repo. Save it to a location you can easily access from your Kodi / XBMC device
  • Open Kodi / XBMC
  • Select SYSTEM


  • Select Add-Ons


  • Select Install from zip file


  • Navigate to where you downloaded the repo in the first step and select


  • Wait for Add-On Enabled notification


  • Select Get Add-Ons


  • Select Eldorado’s XBMC Addons


  • Select Video Add-ons


  • Select Icefilms


  • Select Install


  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification


IceFilms is now installed and ready to use. The add-on can be accessed viaVIDEOS > Add-Ons > IceFilms

If you are experiencing your ISP blocking IceFilms you can use the following guide to change the URL settings which will hopefully bypass that block.

  • Select VIDEOS > Add-Ons


  • Highlight – DO NOT SELECT – Icefilms


  • Bring up the Context Menu  C on your keyboard, Right Click your mouse or theMenu Key on your remote – and select Add-On Settings


  • In General select Icefilms Site URL


  • Highlight the current URL and Delete it


  • Replace with the following URL –
  • Select Done


  • Select OK


You should now be able to use the add-on without any issues.

If you are having issues with the add-on then please refer to the add-on thread.


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