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XBMC Security Camera ADD-ON

You can find the Security CAM Overlay add-on thread here on the XBMC forum.

So what’s new for me in Gotham and with this add-on? I wanted to add a second IP security camera, the add-on at the moment only allows you to add one IP camera, however you can do a little […]

How to Install IceFilms Add-On Kodi XBMC.

IceFilms is an extremley popular plugin with Kodi / XBMC users. It is extremely easy to manually install it using the following steps.

You will also find a guide for changing the Icefilms URL. This could be useful if your ISP is blocking the site.

Download the Eldorado Repo. Save it to a location you […]

Config OpenELEC to prevent pi from turning TV on

Edit the file /flash/config.txt and add this line below


More info on config.txt options can be found on the elinux wiki pages

Powerful ultrasonic signals to REPEL PESTS

There are many ultrasonic pest repellent devices available on the market but a major drawback is that their power output is low and their effectiveness suffers. This electronic pest repellent generates powerful ultrasonic signals to repel pests.

In addition to the ultrasonic frequency oscillator built with the CD4047 IC, separate push-pull power amplifier […]

How to fix XBMC buffering issues on Raspberry Pi

1 Steps

If you don’t already have an advancedsettings.xml file, it’s very simple to make. XBMC uses this file for advanced settings and features that normal users shouldn’t modify without first knowing what they do, as well as for experimental features, etc.

1 Since you can use all or just some of the […]