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Setup A Bluetooth Keyboard And Mouse On The Raspberry PI

A lot of people is having problem setting up a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse on the Raspberry PI. Things get more complicated when your wired keyboard or mouse does not work or prevent your Bluetooth dongle from working. There is hope. This step by step procedure will let you install them or at a minimum […]

Raspberry Pi – Game Console Emulator

The parts …

The Raspberry Pi is pretty amazing it already comes with a HDMI port and two available USB ports – so its pretty perfect for building a small emulator like this. Here are the parts that I purchased for my emulator:


1x Raspberry Pi (Rev B) 1x 4GB Memory Card for […]

MPEG-2 and VC-1 Video Codec for your Raspberry Pi

In order to enjoy more diverse media playback on your Raspberry Pi micro computer, you need to manually enable the MPEG-2 and VC-1 codecs. Read on to see how to do so and enjoy DVD playback and more on your Pi.

Why Do I Need To Do This?

The Raspberry Pi was designed to […]